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Real Estate Constructions, Renovation, Education and Investment Services. We have it all. We provide supreme quality of services at very competitive price.
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LOGO_Brickfront_1Brickfront Properties and Construction, a one stop shop for all real estate needs, was established in 2001. We operate several divisions that are capable of satisfying real estate needs such as construction, renovation, education and investment services. We currently serve the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia regions.

Brickfront Properties and Construction has completed over 400 home renovations since 2001 including kitchens, bathrooms, decks, patios, driveways, basements and home additions. We execute each and every project with our customer in mind. Are you interested in a renovation estimate? If so, contact us today!

Brickfront Real Estate Investment Services utilizes an in-depth investment analysis to offer customized solutions for your investments. We invite you to check out our Private Investors Program, which introduces methods to gain greater control over investments and allow them to grow two to five times its current rate.

We are extremely proud to announce our newest division, Real Estate Investment Solutions Group, the premier mortgage note broker of the northeast. Are you an investor with an interest in reviewing our current inventory of performing notes? If so, please indicate your interest by contacting us here.


Investing in Real Estate, Renovating, and Construction

Brickfront Properties is composed of multiple divisions (Brickfront Homes, Brickfront Construction, and Brickfront Investments). Providing these services to our clients, we’ve become the premier choice when it comes to Investing in Real Estate,Renovating and Construction in the MD, DC, VA areas.

We Provide:

Customized Solutions
Exclusive Amenities
Excellent Customer Service
Expertise in Real Estate Investing
Acquisitions Specialists
Construction & Renovations
Useful Information & Tips
Financial Education Services
One-year guaranteed warranty on our homes

Brickfront Construction is provides supreme quality of products and services at an extremely competitive price that sets us apart from our competition. One look at our product and you can immediately see the high grade of excellence we provide through custom design work and exquisite detail.

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